By M. L. Forman

The land of Alusia is close to warfare as males have each one claimed the throne. in basic terms the real king can sound the Horn of Moran and turn out his the Aristocracy. however the Horn has been misplaced for years. whether it is now not came across — and shortly — it could possibly suggest the destruction of a complete country. It wasn’t that some time past that younger Alexander Taylor launched into his first experience, the place he chanced on he used to be a wizard and destroyed the fearsome dragon, Slathbog. Now he joins a band of pro adventurers who've been known as as much as retrieve the mythical Horn of Moran. Their trip to the mysterious Tower of the Moon will take them via an enchanted woodland, into conflict opposed to a goblin military, earlier the watchful eyes of griffin guards, and face-to-face with a sphinx and her lethal riddles. along with his sword, Moon Slayer, and the clever tips of his wizard mentor, Whalen Vankin, Alex needs to use all his wizard and warrior abilities to struggle a darkness that could eat them all.

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